Version 4.3.3 Release Notes

This release includes the following updates and fixes.

Resolved Issues

Work Order Description
NSWA-1183 Fixed an issue in which the splash screen would not appear during boot-up on virtual machines.
NSWA-1331 Fixed an issue in which unused policy fragments were not being removed from the appliance.
NSWA-1333 Fix an issue in which Mac SSO authentication would fail if the Active Directory account used to join the appliance to the Active Directory domain contains a space.
NSWA-1341 The End User License Agreement has been updated.
NSWA-1347 Fixed an issue in which a joining Active Directory server could cause the system to use high CPU.
NSWA-1350 The appliance now supports SMB2 for Active Directory integration.
NSWA-1351 Fixed an issue that could cause the SMA and SWA sandbox data to be out of sync.
NSWA-1354 Fixed Stack Clash vulnerability. This issue addresses CVE-2017-1000364 and others.
NSWA-1362 Updated text for end-user warning pages.
NSWA-1372 Fixed an issue in which appliances using an upstream proxy could not update.