Version 4.1.1 Release Notes


The 4.1.1 release provides minor improvements and resolves several issues.

Resolved Issues

Work Order # Description
NSWA-482 Resolved an issue where HTTPS block pages would not display the block reason correctly.
NSWA-720 Resolved an issue where the Web Appliance incorrectly set client_timeout, which could introduce a long delay before displaying content.
NSWA-732 Resolved an issue where a client would get a 307 error response when trying to connect to an intranet site, through an upstream proxy, that had no DNS record on the client network.
NSWA-342 Resolved an issue where long URLs were not properly displayed on endpoint block pages.
NSWA-682 Improved log data so that filesize value is now included for detected viruses.
NSWA-688 Resolved an issue where streaming media could be disconnected after 10 minutes.
NSWA-697 Resolved an issue where you could only add 50 entries to the Hostname it IP address map on the Configuration > Network > Network Interface > Advanced Settings... page.
NSWA-707 Resolved an issue where the log could incorrectly categorize a Facebook site visit. If Facebook was allowed by Application Control but blocked by category, the log would incorrectly report that the user had been blocked due to "Personals and Dating."
NSWA-708 Resolved an issue where the appliance would relay an NTLM type 3 message before a challenge (type 1) was presented. This caused some sites to display a 407 Proxy authentication error.
NSWA-715 Improved security to address CVE-2015-5477.
NSWA-736 Resolved an issue where links on the Captive Portal page were not properly displayed.