Version 3.8.4 Release Notes

New Features

The ability to use purchased certificates, and the a new feature, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), have been added to the Web Appliance.

Resolved Issues

Work Order # Description
SUG92643 The appliance now supports certificates that do not have a Common Name (CN), and that have URL in the Alt Subject.
DEF84813 The appliance now uses the correct timezone for Australia/Adelaide.
DEF95106 Sites that use a certain type ("chunked") of transfer encoding now load correctly.
DEF85784 Improved performance with Tango VOIP.
SUG88895 Changes to logging to improve the performance of EP Web Control.
DEF90516 Webmail Control now works correctly with the new Yahoo Mail.
DEF96377 Certain uncategorized items are no longer marked as High Risk.
DEF95849 Improved the accuracy of the connection alert.
SUG96376 Improvements to the identification of OS X systems.
SUG94623 Allow wildcards to be used for HTTPS scanning exemptions.
DEF94688 Reliability improvements when using Full Web Control.
DEF91160 Webmail control now works correctly with
SUG85992 Improve user authentication with certain client applications.
SUG95847 Disabled IPMI to improve security.