Version 3.8.2 Release Notes


This release improves stability and security. For more information on the security improvements in this release, see: Vulnerabilities reported in Sophos Web Appliance.

Resolved Issues

Work Order # Description
DEF85665 Resolved an issue where some HTTP headers were not properly preserved when connecting to a trusted site.
SUG83206 Added the ability to cache user authentication after a reboot. This will resolve an issue where HTTPS homepages could be associated with an incorrect policy.
SUG82404 Added an alert to notify if the appliance is hitting the limit of available connections.
DEF86437 Resolved an issue where some Windows 7 clients were being detected as UNKNOWN by the appliance.
DEF89515 Resolved an issue where the captive portal login page would not work if the password contained an apostrophe.
DEF91952 Resolved an issue where the LDAP Base DN setting was not working properly in the Active Directory setup.
DEF91978 Updated the Captive Portal page to resolve a problem with client IP addresses that end in .255
WKI192642 Resolved an issue with some HTTP headers that were not RFC compliant (including
DEF92626 Resolved an issue where, when using both Endpoint Web Control and browsing through the appliance, some connections would be terminated prematurely.
DEF93294 Improved OS X and iOS detection.