Version 3.1.3 Release Notes

Resolved Issues

Work Order # Description
SUG48868, SUG52897 Added Belarc Advisor and Wimba Media Audio Player to the Exempt Applications list (Configuration > System > Active Directory > Active Directory Options > Allow the following Sophos list of applications...).
SUG50477 Updated Web Appliance for greater compatibility with UPS Worldship.
SUG50597 Improved the behavior of the appliance after an unclean shutdown.
DEF41358 Added support for Active Directory usernames (e.g. DOMAIN\User) on the System Backup page (Configuration > System > Backup).
DEF48519 Added the ability to search domains by hostname. On the Search > Recent Activity Search > By Domain page, you can enter a hostname in the Domain text box.
DEF48867 Improved the performance of PDF reports for large data sets.
DEF48969 Improved the handling of email addresses with single-character names ( in the Report Scheduler.
DEF49364 Improved the compatibility with HTTP cache control options set by external web servers.
DEF50998, SUG51679 Updated root certificate authorities.
DEF51868 Various performance improvements.
DEF51768 Improved clean-up of temporary data during the report backup process.